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DIY Carpet Tile with Peel-And-Stick

Carpet tiles are a great DIY option.

It’s hard to find carpet companies that are able to install carpet during the pandemic. Carpet is not an “essential business”. That’s where peel-and-stick carpet tile comes in!

Peel-and-stick carpet tile

So you’re in Colorado and you’re wondering “don’t you need tools to install carpet?” The answer is no: not with peel-and-stick carpet tile.

Here’s how it works to install your own carpet:

  • Order carpet tile from us
  • We send you a box and instructions on how to install
  • You’re able to install your own carpet that looks great, is durable, and is covered by warranty.

This is why you need carpet tile right now. It’s the best time ever to choose to DIY when it comes to your flooring needs.

Does your carpet smell? Here are some tips!

Denver carpet smell

Denver carpet may smell a bit better, because of the thinner air…?

When you’re having new carpet installed, one of the things to consider is the smell of the carpet  “offgassing.” Offgassing is what happens when the carpet is installed, and the new carpet, on a roll around stretched for the first time, releases some of the chemicals that were used to create it. Some people experience headaches and olfactory discomfort due to the smell.

What to do about smelly carpet

There are some different options to reduce odor in newly installed carpet. Here’s a list:

  1. Crack the windows
    Cracking the windows is a good first step: get some fresh air in there!
  2. Put a box fan in the window
    Increased circulation dissipates the odor.
  3. Sprinkle some baking soda around the carpet
    Baking soda is well known for absorbing scents – it also works for absorbing carpet smells! Sprinkle some baking soda around the carpet, then vacuum the next day.
  4. Be sheep-ish – get wool carpet
    Wool does not off-gas as much, because of the natural fibers of the wool. There’s still some off-gassing because of the glue in the carpet, but nowhere near synthetic fiber carpet.

Carpet Installation Red Flags

Carpet InstallationCarpet buyers in Denver generally get their carpet installed by the company that sold them their carpet. This works well when the company is reputable. It doesn’t work well sometimes, though.

What to look out for when you’re buying carpet and having it installed.

Here are some things to watch out for when you’re having your carpet installed:

If you’re having the carpet installed by the company you bought the carpet from, are the installers working for the company, or are they freelance? If the installers are freelance, what company do they work for?

  • Do your carpet installers warrantee their work? You always want work to have a warrantee or guarantee.
  • Are the installers insured? Never allow someone to work in or on your house that is not insured.
  • Are they members of the Better Business Bureau or represented in an industry group? Know who you’re dealing with.

It’s easy to “go with the flow” and get your carpet installed, but it’s better to make sure you’re getting quality carpet installation up front. It may save you a headache in the future!

To be safe, you could always contact us and get your carpet installed professionally. 😉

Planning Your Carpet Installation in Denver

Denver Carpet InstallationIf you are planning on having carpet installed in your house or doing it yourself, there are a few obvious measurements and details, then there are the less obvious things to know.

Obvious carpet installation details

  • Square feet of
    • carpet
    • carpet pad/cushion
  • Linear feet of tack strip
  • Make sure you have the right tools

Less obvious carpet installation details

  • Is your floor squeaky? This can affect your sanity in the years to come. Once your carpet is up, you’re going to want to check for squeaks in your subfloor. Note: we do this for free when we install Denver carpet.
  • Make sure to vacuum and/or mop & dry (depending on the subfloor) to remove dust. Carpet can collect years of dust that settles below the carpet and carpet pad. When your carpet is pulled up, it is a rare opportunity to remove that dust. This can help with asthma, removing smells, and general cleanliness.
  • Paint the baseboard before putting it back. When you replace carpet, you’ll often encounter paint that is at the previous carpet level. Your new carpet won’t be the same height. Take the time to sand and paint your baseboards and you’ll be so much happier with the finished product.
  • If you get headaches after replacing your carpet, stay somewhere else for a few days and leave the windows cracked. New petroleum-based carpet can off-gas.

So when you are considering whether to hire professional Denver carpet installation or do it yourself, there are some tips to help you along the way.

Carpet Installation Tips – Installing Carpet Tiles

Why are carpet tiles such a hit in Denver? Seasonal damage control!

Carpet tiles are a big hit in Denver and around the country. One of the reasons that carpet tiles (or sometimes called “carpet squares”) are such a hit is because if you stain or damage your carpet, it’s simple to remove that one tile and replace it with a clean one. In Denver, where can snow six months of the year, it’s important to have a carpet that can handle that amount of debris.

Installing carpet tiles: good resources

If you’re interested in buying the carpet tiles from us, then installing them yourself, you’ll need to have some good information on how to do it. Here are some links you’ll find helpful:

A carpet installation tip that other sites don’t mention:

Before you start laying carpet tiles, draw your pattern on graph paper. If you’re interested, also draw the arrows that the tiles will be facing. This will give you a great guide that you can work off of, which is very helpful on complicated patterns!

Shaw Carpet in Denver – Low Price & Great Installation

There are over 100 buying options for Denver Shaw carpet.

We match the best prices. We win with our customer service and installation quality.

Shaw Carpet in Denver

When shopping for Shaw carpet in Denver, you’ll find the standard options: Carpet Exchange, The Home Depot, and some “discount carpet” outlets. Do a search, you’ll see.

But when shopping for Shaw carpet, you want the people who will not only get you the best prices on Shaw carpet in Denver, but also the best service, and — perhaps most important — the best installation.

Top-quality Shaw carpet installation is vital.

No matter how well a carpet is constructed (and Shaw is some of the best!), if it’s installed improperly, the life of the carpet will be dramatically reduced. We guarantee our installation of Shaw carpet for years. If you have any issues, we will fix it for free. We do it right the first time, though, so you won’t have any issues to fix!

Learn more about our Denver carpet installation services.